Hot Tub Hire

Why hire a hot tub?

Well the answer is simple, you don't need to store, clean or maintain the hot tub. You simply have the luxury of using the hot tub for your allotted time and then we will come and collect. We offer a number of packages for hire. Make the occasion special and memorable. We will deliver and set up the day before your booking so that the tub is ready for use the day of booking and we will collect the day after your booking so you have full use of your booked time.

​*Please ensure that we are able to connect a hose to water supply to fill the tub. Please note that the hot tub will require electricity supply for the whole duration of the hire. Please be aware that constant use the temperature will gradually decrease throughout use. Also please ensure you check the dimensions below and have room for assembly. 

  • Our hot tub is a cosy spa 6 person tub however we recommend 4 people for a comfortable fit.

  • Size: 2.1m (82in) external diameter | 1.6m (63in) internal diameter

  • Water Capacity 1120L

  • 130 jets for a soothing and massaging experience. 

  • Comes with a cover

  • Grey gazebo 3m x 3m (optional)

  • Public liability insurance with Sharrocks (policy number available on request)

3 days

£120 (£140 with gazebo)

Hot tub hire for 3 days/nights.
e.g. Friday - Sunday
Will be dropped off and set up Thursday and collected Monday unless discussed otherwise.
Grey gazebo optional £20

5 days

£160 (£180 with gazebo)

Hot tub hire for 5 days/nights.e.g. Monday - FridayWill be dropped off and set up Sunday and collected Saturday unless discussed otherwise.Grey gazebo optional £20

7 days

£180 (£200 with gazebo)

Hot tub hire for 7 days/nights.e.g. Monday - SundayWill be dropped off and set up Sunday and collected following Monday unless discussed otherwise.Grey gazebo optional £20




Terms and conditions of hot tub hire

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Rejuvenate Jet Wash Services Ltd regarding the hire of hot tub and gazebo. By booking you agree that you have read and understand these and will adhere to these terms and conditions.

Before Hire

  • Ensure you have discussed and confirmed dates and have paid a £20 non refundable deposit to secure dates.

  • Full payment will be required before set up.

  • Ensure that there is ample space and level ground for the equipment to be set up safely.

  • Ensure that you have ability for us to connect a hose at the address to fill the hot tub. We do not provide water.

  • You will be required to have to hot tub plugged into electric for the entire duration of hire, the cost of electricity will be your responsibility.

During Hire

  1. Do not allow children to use the hot tub unsupervised

  2. Please Do not wear any jewellery which may cause a puncture to the hot tub.

  3. Do not use electrical items in the hot tub.

  4. We advise not to use the hot tub whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  5. Please use plastic glasses whilst in or near the hot tub.

  6. Please ensure you are in good health and do not have any infectious diseases before using the hot tub.

  7. Please use suitable swimming attire when in the the hot tub.

  8. No footwear should be worn inside the hot tub.

  9. Please do not allow any pets or animals of any kind in or near the hot tub.

  10. No diving or jumping into the hot tub.

  11. Do not sit on the hot tub cover.

  12. Do not sit on sides of the hot tub.

  13. Keep away from the pump/motor, no covering, sitting or standing on pump/motor.

  14. If pregnant do not use unless you have consulted your Doctor or Midwife.

  15. Do not turn hot tub off upon collection we need to ensure the heater and filter system is still working.

  16. Once the hot tub is set up in your chosen area do not attempt to move once has been installed.

  17. Do not empty the hot tub prior to our arrival, the water must be between min/max lines in order for the inspection process to be carried out.

  18. Do not run bubbles whilst cover in situ.

  19. Please shower before entering the hot tub.

  20. Keep water level topped up as discussed.

  21. Ensure to keep the thermal cover on when not inside the tub, do not use the cover whilst using the tub.

  22. Add chemicals as discussed.

  23. Any equipment issues contact Rejuvenate Jet Wash Services Ltd.

  24. Any medical problems when using the equipment call 111 for urgent non emergency advice.


Other Important information

  • Rejuvenate Jet Wash Services Ltd will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries or death relating to the misuse of a hot tub. We will also not be held responsible for any damage that the hot tub may cause to lawns, decking, patios or any other surface that the hot tub is sat on or any water damage whatsoever. Please be aware that when we come to collect we will open the valve and allow water to drain out whilst the tub is in situ.

  • Rejuvenate Jet Wash Services will not be held accountable for any damages caused by our equipment, please be aware that heavy rain and increased wind may result in the gazebo becoming unstable, we recommend the gazebo to be taken down if wind speeds above 30mph. We will secure the gazebo but it is your responsibility to take action should weather make the gazebo unstable. We will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries.

  • We recommend  a max 4 adults in the tub at any one time although it is a 6 person tub.

  • Any issues will be dealt with by telephone in the first instance, we will attend if necessary where possible, if problem has been caused by mis use you will be required to pay a call out charge of £​30.

  • Any damages to equipment you will be required to pay a £200 excess and we reserve the right to remove equipment from your premises early should you not be complying with these rules or damage our equipment.

  • Ensure to be sensible and limit time exposed in the hot tub, any symptoms of dizziness, nausea, syncope, drowsiness or vomiting, any concerns contact 111/999 as appropriate.

  • If you have any medical conditions ensure to contact your Doctor before using the hot tub.

  • Please take care of equipment and treat it with respect.

  • We ensure cleaning is a priority to maintain health and safety.



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