What services do we offer?

Hot tub and Gazebo Hire

Jet washing

Rejuvenate Jet Wash Services is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. We will jet wash your chosen area using high quality equipment to ensure a thorough clean bringing life back into your driveway, patio or path. Take a look at our recent work to see what a difference a jet wash can do for you. (we recommend re-sanding following a jet wash in most cases, ask us for details). We require a water supply for this service.


Following a jet wash re-sanding is generally required to fill in the gaps, especially with block paving. Unfortunately this can rarely be done on the same day as the area to be sanded requires to be fully dry to allow the sand to fall into the gaps and settle. We can do this for you but it's really easy to do, if you wish this can be done yourself, just use kiln dried sand and brush it across slowly ensuring it fills in the gaps, you can do this yourself and we can provide the sand when we come to jet wash (please state this when booking). However if you wish to include this with your quote we can come back to do it for you saving you the hassle.  With Rejuvenate Jet Wash Services, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

Carpet cleaning 

Carpets may look clean to the eye but they gather a range of dust and grime which is deep in the pile and cannot be removed with a standard dry vacuum. We use an extraction shampoo which helps cut through grime and rejuvenate your carpets. (please be aware that we do not remove furniture and do not guarantee stain removal)

- 1 room £30

-2 rooms £55

-3 rooms £80

Stairs and landings £40

Please note this is based on an average sized room. Larger rooms or though rooms are subject to price changes. Please confirm prices before booking. 

Hot Tub & Gazebo Hire

Rejuvenate Jet Wash Services Ltd is committed to customer service, we want our customers to be satisfied. We now offer hot tub and gazebo hire so you can relax and unwind hassle free. Check out the hot tub hire tab for more information.


Multiple services - If you require a number of services please discuss as if carried out on the same day we may be able to offer some discount.

10% off for NHS, Police, Fire and OAP's.

Neighbour discounts - If your booking us why not ask a neighbour if they require our services, we will discuss discount for you and your neighbour if booked on the same day. (Please note you and neighbour will both be required to pay upfront for discount to be applied, please discuss with us)

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