What services do we offer?

Here is some more details about our services.


Jet washing

Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaning & Jet Wash Services Ltd is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. We will jet wash your chosen area using high quality equipment to ensure a thorough clean bringing life back into your driveway, patio or path. Take a look at our recent work to see what a difference a jet wash can do for you. (we recommend re-sanding following a jet wash in most cases, ask us for details). We require a water and electric supply for this service.

With this service we will arrange a time and date and attend the location required, we will quickly set up and get to work, using our expert equipment and techniques we will jet wash the given area and ensure we leave it looking rejuvenated by the time we leave, if re-sanding is required we will need generally need to re-attend on another day as the area has to be completely dry for best results.

Approximate Pricing:

These are a rough guide please contact for an accurate quotation.

1 car driveway - 

Jet wash only - £100

Jet wash and re-sand - £150

2 car driveway - 

Jet wash only - £140

Jet wash and re-sand £200

Please contact regarding all jet washing to ensure we can give you the correct price.



Following a jet wash re-sanding is generally required to fill in the gaps, especially with block paving. Unfortunately this can rarely be done on the same day as the area to be sanded requires to be fully dry to allow the sand to fall into the gaps and settle. We can do this for you but it's really easy to do, if you wish this can be done yourself, just use kiln dried sand and brush it across slowly ensuring it fills in the gaps, you can do this yourself and we can provide the sand when we come to jet wash (please state this when booking). However if you wish to include this with your quote we can come back to do it for you saving you the hassle.  With Rejuvenate Jet Wash Services Ltd, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.


Carpet cleaning 

Carpets may look clean to the eye but they gather a range of dust and grime which is deep in the pile and cannot be removed with a standard dry vacuum. We are clean smart trained and use a range of equipment and solutions to ensure a professional clean of your carpets. If you wish for us to clean under any furniture, please ensure this is moved prior to arrival as generally we do not remove furniture. (If unable to due to health reasons etc please let us know and we can discuss) furniture may be able to be moved at an extra cost.

How do we do it?

We may need to carry out a burn test to assess the type of fibres to ensure we clean using the correct methods, we will do this by taking a small sample from an edge or corner and will not cause damage to the carpet. We will carry out an inspection of the carpet prior to starting any work.

1. VACUUM - We will vacuum the carpet using a high powered commercial vacuum which will remove any dry soiling that a standard household vacuum doesn't, we use a special technique when doing this to ensure best results. Why is this necessary? Well, if we use our extraction machine prior to a vacuum we will wet any dry soiling making the clean much more difficult, think of it as being on the beach, its easier to remove the dry sand off your feet than it is wet sand, well its the same with carpet fibres.

2. PRE SPRAY & AGITATION - Once vacuumed we will apply a pre spray micro-splitter solution which gets to work immediately on contact, its specialised formula helps break down soiling on contact ready for us to extract. We will either use manual agitation methods or our contra rotating brushes machine to agitate the carpet and solution making it work to the maximum effect.

3. EXTRACTION - Using our extraction machine we will use a specialised technique to extract the broken down soiling, this is generally done using an acid rinse solution, this is because carpets are actually slightly acidic due to the dyes/colourings used, by using an acid rinse we leave the carpet back in its natural condition ensuring it lasts as long as possible.

4. SPOTTING - Once cleaned there may be some evidence of stains or spots, we will use specialised formulas and techniques to clean these areas without damaging the carpet. Please note that unfortunately stain or spot removal can never be guaranteed as it depends on what the stain is, how long its been in the carpet etc, however many stains tend to come out or be reduced.

5. PILE - We will use a pile brush to leave the pile in the most upright position which assists with the drying process.

6. STAIN PROTECTION - This is an optional extra, this helps protect your carpet from water based, oil based and dry soiling. It has a built in anti static treatment and is safe to use on most carpets including wool. This product does not guarantee no stains, however once applied any spillages that are attended to immediately will have a much greater chance of being removed ensuring your carpet lasts as long as possible.

7. ADVICE - We will ensure customers are fully advised about ongoing care of their carpets.

We recommend carpets should be cleaned at least twice per year, however if carpets see lots of traffic such as children and pets we recommend more regular cleans as this will ensure you get the most out of your carpets..

Residential pricing:

1 room £40

2 rooms £65

3 rooms £90

Stairs, hall and landing £70

Through lounge £50

Stain protection £30 per room

Stain protection hall, stairs and landing £45


Chair  £30

2 Seater sofa £40

3 Seater sofa £50

(please contact for corner pieces or multiple items)

Heavily soiled carpets are subject to extra charges which will be discussed prior to work commencing.

Please note prices are based on an average sized room approximately 12ftx15ft. Larger rooms are subject to increased prices. Please confirm prices before booking. 

Commercial prices are subject to a quotation.

All of our products are child and pet friendly and free from detergent.



Multiple services - If you require a number of services please discuss as if carried out on the same day we may be able to offer some discount.

10% off for NHS, Police, Fire and OAP's.

Neighbour discounts - If your booking us why not ask a neighbour if they require our services, we will offer 10% off for you and your neighbour providing the work is carried out on the same day.

Get in touch to discuss